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I’ve always been really passionate about people and their stories. I am equally enthralled by stories cooked up purely by imagination as I am by stories inspired by true life. I strive to see the good in everyone and in every situation- if not immediately, at least in the long term. That’s also what spurred my interest in acting in theater and movies since the age of 9 (after my obsession with books started when I was 3). Recently, my interests even spurred me to create my own major in college (Human Development, Creativity, and Media) to examine how these pieces influence and inspire positive individual and societal change.

As time passed, I had to make the tough decision to run cross country and track and field and spend less of my time doing theater. I am still running for school now, and hope to someday run marathons. I am SO happy that I run. So much of my life is infused with happiness, peace, and memories from being on teams and from running, but the lure of acting was still strong, so I knew had to find a way to do both. I used to describe how I felt without acting as “stir crazy”, even though I was busy with a lot of other activities! I decided to try out for some local film productions. I’ve always loved movies and dreamed of auditioning for all of the film adaptations of my favorite books, but my location limited me a bit.

I wrote letters to many directors and authors asking them for opportunities to secure an audition without moving across the country, but I never booked an audition this way. I don’t regret writing these letters. Now when I write to authors, though (Ally Condie and John Green are the two I’ve sent within recent memory), I don’t ask them for auditions. Instead, I write thank you notes telling them how their books changed my life and inspired me to work harder as an actress to have the opportunity to bring stories like theirs to life. Being thankful and grateful for everything and everyone that’s shaped me into who I am today, and seeing the positive in every situation, is something that’s really important to me.

When I was 15, I turned to forums to discuss books that I loved. I met a great group of fans through that site too, including a fan who created props based on the books. He found out that I was an actress and invited me to audition for the Mockingjay ropo fan short film that he was making. I landed the role of Katniss (who I had always wanted to audition for in the movie, because I loved the books so much) and had one of the best weekends of my life in Tennessee filming for the video. However, I received some really negative comments about my physical appearance.

The Mockingjay Propo will always be special to me because it was the first time I’d really been in front of a camera and I learned a lot about myself, acting, and responding to constructive criticism versus cyber bullying.

Looking back, I’m grateful that I didn’t have many big acting opportunities when I was young, because that social media pressure is wild, and I NEEDED that chance to learn and grow into myself and into life. I have taken many theater and film classes at school, and auditioned for local and independent films. I’ve gotten more work and auditions recently, and I’ve been really blessed in that way!


I was later invited to the premiere of The Hunger Games movie due to my work on the fan site, and I got to meet the amazing group of friends I’d previously only corresponded with online. The power of social media and the Internet was really clear to me at that moment, as I stood with people who shared my passions, from various locations and hometowns, who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.


I still love to read, run, and act. I’m currently represented by the Andrew Wilson Agency, and I’m so excited to be working with them and looking forward to further exploring the film community! You can check out my profile on their site here:


I’m dedicated to my dreams and try to trust and love deeply. I want to persevere and never give up on the things I care about. I’m in the process of learning about myself even more. I know for a fact that I want to make people smile and inspire them, so I hope this blog (and eventually, my work) can do that for you! 🙂 Best wishes, always.

-Love, Kate


This video also seems like an appropriate one to share in conjunction with my major approval 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s supported my journey in declaring this major (as I’ve been talking about it incessantly)- such a personal project that links so many of my passions and hopes and dreams for the world. In case no one’s told you yet today, you and your story are important ❤


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