How Stories Change the Brain/The Importance of Narratives

As I wrap up the online/science of happiness component of this semester’s independent study course on acting and positive psychology, and in the warm afterglow of the IIM major proposal (it still hasn’t quite sunken in), I was so pleasantly surprised to see that narratives and storytelling were included as a large portion of the final Science of Happiness unit!

I look forward to continuing some of the happiness practices that we learned in this online course, and applying some of my understanding of happiness to more positive day-to-day life. The course has also really helped me reflect and re-shape some of my goals, as well as fueled discussions between my advisor and I about what positive inspirational works look like, and how we can work on more of them!

The video and article below, from this last week of the course, really reinforce our interest in this subject matter, and underscore the importance of stories and narratives as well as their potential for more change. I look forward to continuing this independent study and finishing up by reading and reflecting many books on creative storytelling as well as coming up with a final performance and a final reflection project! Hope you had a day filled with the things you are passionate about and that make your heart sing! ❤

Article on how stories change the brain:


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