I had the chance to see SUFFRAGETTE at an early screening at Brandeis, and I wanted to pass along the following!

The film opens this Friday, October 30, in Boston and it is important that we guarantee full theatres at every screening.
· It sends a powerful message of female empowerment of which we all need to be reminded and that tomorrow’s generation needs to see

· The issues it addresses are timely and relevant to our continued struggles for equality today

· In an industry (Hollywood) where females are under-represented, SUFFRAGETTE is one of the only movies whose DNA is all-female: its director is a woman, screenwriter is a woman, producers are women and lead cast are women

· If we want to see more women-focused stories, shaped by female voices, we need full theatres for SUFFRAGETTE this weekend. Not next weekend or the week after, but this weekend.
One person – You – can make a huge difference. Together, we can guarantee sellouts.

What can you do?
· Buy out a film screening. An average screening costs only $2,600 to ensure a full house (200 seats x $13/ticket). You can buy the tickets and give them to employees, non-profit groups, college students, high school students, etc. and use it as a tax write-off.

· Commit to getting 10 friends to go see the film. If buying out a theatre isn’t an option, commit to getting 10 friends to go see the film this weekend. Twenty people, each committing to get 10 people to see the film, would fill a theater.

· Forward this to friends. Ask them to do the same


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