I had the chance to see SUFFRAGETTE at an early screening at Brandeis, and I wanted to pass along the following!

The film opens this Friday, October 30, in Boston and it is important that we guarantee full theatres at every screening.
· It sends a powerful message of female empowerment of which we all need to be reminded and that tomorrow’s generation needs to see

· The issues it addresses are timely and relevant to our continued struggles for equality today

· In an industry (Hollywood) where females are under-represented, SUFFRAGETTE is one of the only movies whose DNA is all-female: its director is a woman, screenwriter is a woman, producers are women and lead cast are women

· If we want to see more women-focused stories, shaped by female voices, we need full theatres for SUFFRAGETTE this weekend. Not next weekend or the week after, but this weekend.
One person – You – can make a huge difference. Together, we can guarantee sellouts.

What can you do?
· Buy out a film screening. An average screening costs only $2,600 to ensure a full house (200 seats x $13/ticket). You can buy the tickets and give them to employees, non-profit groups, college students, high school students, etc. and use it as a tax write-off.

· Commit to getting 10 friends to go see the film. If buying out a theatre isn’t an option, commit to getting 10 friends to go see the film this weekend. Twenty people, each committing to get 10 people to see the film, would fill a theater.

· Forward this to friends. Ask them to do the same


Big Announcement/Update :)

Still overwhelmed by the fact that this happened today, but happy to announce that my IIM (Independent Interdisciplinary Major) of Human Development, Creativity, and Media has been approved by the Brandeis faculty committee!
I’m proud to be able to devote my time to studying how the sharing of people’s stories can inspire positive individual and societal change. This video also seems like an appropriate one to share in conjunction with my news 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s supported my journey in declaring this major (as I’ve been talking about it incessantly)- such a personal project that links so many of my passions and hopes and dreams for the world. In case no one’s told you yet today, you and your story are important ❤